Audi A4 Convertible

Another lovely classic Audi I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of working on.

The owner of this car had been treating his pride and joy to WD40 on the headlights having seen a YouTube video claiming it will clear dull, cloudy oxidised headlights! Around 3 months or so later and his headlights were looking even worse than when he first treated them. Pretty much ready to fail an MOT!

He was recommended to me to try and help as the £1200 replacement quote he was given by one garage was understandably hard to accept. Around 4 and half hours of me doing what I love best and the lights are now back to how they should be and will be for a very long time to come!

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Audi A6 Avant

The owner of this lovely classic Audi used a Meguirs restoring compound to try and clear their lights just weeks before I carried out my restoration. They were happy with their results on the lights and rightly so but…

They were amazed at the difference once I had finished!

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Audi A6 S-Line

Another lovely old Audi I had the pleasure of working on here. The owner wanted the 16 year old original offside headlight restored to help match it in with the nearly new headlight fitted on the nearside. Happy with the match up despite the original light still showing it’s age on the inside a little.

The owner was very happy stating… “Thanks for doing such a great job, it looks a lot fresher now. Cheers.”

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Beautiful Jaguar XKR

Beautiful example of this much loved fast, big cat!

The owner hasn’t been in possession of this car for very long but already shows it a great deal of care and attention, and why on earth wouldn’t you? This attention extended to the noticing the original headlights suffering from some very light clouding. Not at all uncommon but nonetheless still letting the cars look down a great deal!

The owner found me on Facebook. The rest, as they say, is history

Now this beautiful, well cared for XKR has the looks back to match it’s growl!

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BMW E60 5 Series

The owner of this fine mid sized BMW purchased a well know DIY kit (2 stage wipes) to try and clear his very cloudy headlights as he was keen to see those angel eyes in all their glory once again!

There is no doubt the change made by his hard work and money spent was an improvement but certainly not what he had hoped for! We had discussed the poor condition of the headlights prior to him carrying out work on them himself so when I eventually got around to restoring them he was totally amazed with the outcome!

He was convinced the clouding issues that remained after his own efforts were too bad to clear or indeed on the inside so to see the headlights (and fog lights I restored for him as well) gleaming once again when I had finished made him a very happy BMW owner once again!

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