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This is a beautiful BMW 5 Series

Fantastic older BMW 5 Series, fast becoming something of a rarity but, this one had a very odd looking front end with its one cloudy headlight.

The owner thought the only way to rectify the issue was to purchase a new headlight. He was relieved to find out about my service especially being so local. I was able to complete the job whilst he was at work, which is by no means a first for me but he was chuffed with this service and super pleased his classic looked great once again.

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BMW E60 5 Series

The owner of this fine mid sized BMW purchased a well know DIY kit (2 stage wipes) to try and clear his very cloudy headlights as he was keen to see those angel eyes in all their glory once again!

There is no doubt the change made by his hard work and money spent was an improvement but certainly not what he had hoped for! We had discussed the poor condition of the headlights prior to him carrying out work on them himself so when I eventually got around to restoring them he was totally amazed with the outcome!

He was convinced the clouding issues that remained after his own efforts were too bad to clear or indeed on the inside so to see the headlights (and fog lights I restored for him as well) gleaming once again when I had finished made him a very happy BMW owner once again!

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The owner of this fine old BMW coupe had restored both his headlights quite a while before these photos were taken and he was very happy with his DIY efforts.

However, a recent accident that saw the nearside headlight being replaced then showed up the 18 year old (DIY restored) original so much he needed to address the issue to help balance the look of the vehicle.

I carried out a full restoration of the original offside headlight and polished/sealed the new nearside headlight as part of the service. The 18 year old headlight now looks some what newer and helps restore the vehicle’s good looks.

The owner was quoted £750 to supply a headlight to match the damage repaired nearside unit, needless to say he was happy with my restoration at a mere fraction of that price!

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