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This is a beautiful Volvo V70 now

Much loved Volvo workhorse, owned for many years. The owner has reworked the fading, cloudy headlights a couple of times themselves using well know DIY kits and methods but the clouding has always returned!

They were shocked with the result of my restoration and wished they had found my service many years ago. So pleased to have another happy customer!

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Volvo XC70 2006

“I can do that with toothpaste!” If I had a pound for every time I heard this comment I’d be a rich man.

There are many ways in which you can, to some degree, make a difference to the state of your headlights. High end compound, wipes or ‘magic’ cleaning agents to name a few. This owner spent some considerable time scrubbing the headlights with toothpaste, in the hope it would pass it’s MOT.

Needless to say, it failed. The garage had a go at them with G3 Compound, but to no avail. They still failed on their beam pattern. I was then called upon to see what difference I could make and I think you’ll agree a Marked Improvement. Passing the MOT with no issues and no need to be replaced.

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