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Toyota Corolla O/s only

The owner of this Toyota was going to replace her offside headlight to match the newer nearside unit, as she felt it seriously affected the cars looks. Despite this she was put off by the cost and inconvenience of it all.

She was delighted to find out about my convenient service as a cost effective alternative and super pleased with the result!

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Toyota Yaris 2004

The owner of this ultra reliable little Toyota runaround just wanted their headlights looking like new again. They had seen me working on a neighbours car so decided to have the Marked Improvement treatment on their own.

Great result on this very popular little city car.

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Toyota Corolla

The owner was not overly concerned about the condition of their headlights, they just wanted the sparkle put back in them.

A year on and I’m pleased to say the lights look exactly the same as the day I restored them with absolutely no signs of deterioration creeping back in. See final photo in “View more”.

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Toyota Yaris 2003

This reliable little Toyota was due to have it’s MOT when I carried out the restoration. The previous year it passed but with an advisory note warning the headlights were of poor quality. Not wanting the car to fail this years MOT, the owner was relieved to find my services.

The result was a delighted owner who was amazed by the outcome. Now the headlights have no reason the fail an MOT for a very long time to come.

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Toyota Rav 4 2003

The owner of this otherwise fine Toyota SUV was warned they would definitely fail it’s upcoming MOT. He admitted their output was so dim he felt sure the only option was to replace them for new units.

Needless to say he was super happy when I had finished transforming the lights for him and the car sailed through the MOT to boot!

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