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Porsche Boxster Cabriolet

Porsche Boxster Cabriolet has its headlights cleared to look better than new. One very surprised owner had put up with the cloudy headlights for years not realising they could ever be brought back to life.

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This is a beautiful Porsche Boxster

Beautiful Porsche Boxster I had the pleasure of updating for the discerning customer.

They were very happy with the results of my work on their pride and joy, so much so they told me they were now going to have some bodywork updates carried out because the headlights outshone it somewhat!

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Porsche Boxster

Classic Porsche!

Admittedly this great looking Boxster wasn’t just about to fail it’s MOT but the owner wanted to freshen up it’s looks with a headlight restoration. He actually possessed his own high quality DIY kit, but did not want to risk the headlights by attempting the restoration himself. So was chuffed to find out about my service.

“Mark, thanks for doing such a great job on the headlights, not only does it look a lot fresher but the light beam is so much brighter and travels further which makes a huge difference when driving at night. Cheers.”

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