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What a beautiful Mercedes CLK

The owner of this CLK decided to use a DIY method to rework his headlights a couple of years ago after around 8 years of ownership.

They passed the next MOT that came around but unfortunately failed this years MOT on poor beam projection! He was given my details by someone working on the car resolving another issue and I finally got around to restoring them today. They look wonderful, taken 10 years off this fine ole CLK I reckon!

“Wow unbelievable results, my cloudy mot failing 14 year old headlights have been brought back to better than new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new pair (which would be way over£1200!) Mark does all this by hand no power tools. Highly recommended.”

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Mercedes Benz SLK

A silver Mercedes-Benz. Always a lovely looking vehicle and this one was certainly no exception. Let down only by the dull and cloudy headlights, that admittedly were not just about to fail an MOT but certainly in need of the Marked Improvement treatment!

The owner left me a lovely recommendation on LinkedIn…

“Mark restored my wife’s Mercedes SLK Headlight’s in January 2019. Before Mark’s intervention, the headlight lenses were cloudy and murky. While they weren’t an MOT failure, they did spoil the look of the car”

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