VW Golf GT 2005

In my humble opinion the Mk5 VW Golf is a future classic. Especially a lovely example like the one I recently had the pleasure of working on. Not a GTI but the often forgotten and much overlooked GT!

The owners were warned by their local garage that it would fail the MOT due to poor beam pattern. A common problem with the VW Golf of this era. Thinking they had no choice but to replace the headlights at the cost of hundreds of pounds, the garage owners recommended my services to them. They felt they had nothing to lose, so gave me a call.

I am pleased to report, the owners were over the moon with the results, stating it had brought the front of their car back to life. Needless to say I had also saved them a great deal of money in the process.

Unfortunately due to technical issues I do not have any before photos but I can assure you they were in a very sorry (MOT failing!) state prior to me tackling them.

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