Honda Accord 2000

This vehicle was an MOT headlight failure for the last 3 years!

The owner of this trusty Honda Accord has been taking it to the same local garage for its MOT for the last few years since purchasing it. Every year it has failed for poor headlight beam and projection, causing extra cost and inconvenience to him every time!

Having failed the MOT the garage would then ensure it passed when re-tested by simply rubbing compound onto the headlights until they were deemed clear enough. To be honest this is common and acceptable practise “in the trade” and even for those looking to simply try and improve the general look and performance of their headlights, as was demonstrated by this Honda needing attention year after year!

The owner did mention the fact that the headlights had become progressively worse when driving at night over the years so was delighted to find out about my service for several reasons, not least that he was now finally contemplating buying some brand new headlights after years of just putting up with the situation…

I am super pleased to report he was even more delighted with the result of the restoration!

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